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Our team of 2,200+ clinicians offers in-person and online care across the US. They’ll help your patients live better and, in turn, help you deliver on key strategic enterprise needs.

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Personalized mental health care for diverse needs

Thriveworks offers mental health services in 340+ locations across the US and online. We built our practice around our clients’ needs and personalize treatment to each individual.

The diverse backgrounds and specialties of our providers enable us to help people with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Personal and professional goals
  • Anger management
  • Family conflicts
  • Grief and trauma
  • Lack of fulfillment
  • LGBTQ concern
  • And even more

These areas can be difficult to manage alone and, if left unaddressed, may lead to additional challenges. We understand that prompt mental health help is vital and pride ourselves on having no waitlists — our providers often help new clients within the same week as scheduling.

Premium counseling and psychiatry benefits

  • In-person and online care

    We offer both in-person and online care, with hundreds of locations across the US and online providers in most states, to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our clients.

  • Expert clinicians

    We only hire expert clinicians and provide them with complete administrative support so they can focus on providing the very best care to our clients.

  • High-touch support

    Our support team is available 7 days a week, for scheduling needs and additional assistance, helping our clients throughout their journey with us.

  • No waitlists

    Average wait times for mental health care can be 7 weeks or more. Oftentimes, our clients can attend their first session within 7 days of scheduling.

  • Evening and weekend sessions

    We offer convenient scheduling options that work with busy schedules like evening and weekend appointments.

  • Real, lasting relationships

    Our clinicians are full-time, dedicated team members who build long-standing careers here and lasting relationships with clients.

Supporting patients across the healthcare ecosystem

Our vertically integrated partnerships across entire health care ecosystems allows Thriveworks to support your patients through each stage of their mental health journey.


Health Systems

As a clinician-founded and led organization since 2008, physicians trust Thriveworks’ best in class team of employed clinicians to deliver quality mental healthcare and serve as a valuable extension of their care team.



Covering 180 million Americans as an in-network provider across 575+ regional and national insurance plans, payers rely on Thriveworks to provide their members with a seamless mental health care experience, driving engagement and retention.


Behavioral Health Specialists

At Thriveworks, we recognize that mental health care is not a one size fits all experience. We develop vertically integrated behavioral health partnerships to navigate patients to the most appropriate level of care to ensure that no patient is left behind.


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Learn how consumers are most likely to seek mental healthcare, their preferences in delivery models and their expectations and desired outcomes in receiving care.



We're a trusted clinician-founded and clinician-led company

Partners trust us to help their patients thrive

FAQs about partnerships with Thriveworks

Using their insurance or self-pay, your patients can schedule an appointment with a Thriveworks counselor or psychiatrist and work toward a happier, more successful life. Having access to mental health resources empowers your patients to get the help and support they need, benefiting both their mental and physical health.

A partnership with Thriveworks will help your organization solve unmet needs in accessing quality mental health care for your patients. Thriveworks is dedicated to expanding choice in mental health care, with an industry-preferred hybrid model that offers both in-person and virtual options to meet people where they are. Our diverse team of 2,200+ clinicians are uniquely qualified to deliver talk therapy/medication management for the most common mental health diagnoses in both youth and adult populations. We deliver accelerated speed to care by scheduling first appointments within 7 days from referral, on average. As a clinician-founded and led organization, we operate on a best-in-class, W2 employed clinician model, which allows our clinicians to deliver consistent, high-quality care. Lastly, our dedicated team of care coordinators and call center support agents deliver rapid and reliable coordination of care.

We work to provide all of our partners with collaborative, high-quality care for their patients. Patients will gain access to our rapid and reliable coordination of care through highly skilled referral care coordinators and call center support agents. For those who prefer a self-service scheduling experience, we also offer convenient online scheduling.

Your patients can schedule with our providers on the same day as the agreed-upon launch date – and often, new patients can see a provider within 7 days of scheduling.

No, you do not have to use insurance to participate. In addition to accepting most major insurance, we offer affordable self-pay rates.

The cost of a partnership with Thriveworks varies, based on the type of agreement that is right for your organization. Most often, patients can receive care through their insurance plans, where we have broad access nationwide. We’re happy to talk more about the cost and help you find the best model for your patients.

We are happy to discuss reporting options and share best practices with your team.

Contact us to learn more about a collaborative partnership with Thriveworks

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